Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Where I Went In the West

   In the west I went to the Golden Gate bridge, Mount Saint Helen's, the Pacific Ocean, Las Angeles and Las Vegas. To start off my trip to the west I went to the Golden Gate bridge. The bridge connects the San Francisco bay into the pacific ocean. I learned that the Golden Gate bridge was the longest bridge in the world when it was completed in 1937. I think the golden gate bridge is good for the tourism because people come to San Francisco just to see it.
   I also went to Mount Saint Helen's which is located in Skamia, Washington which  is northeast of Portland,Oregon. I learned about the big catastrophic eruption that happened there on May 18, 1980. I think that helped the tourism in Skamia.
   Went I visited the Pacific ocean and I learned that 165.2 million square feet in area. Also, that the Pacific ocean covers 46% of the earths water surface. I think that having the Pacific ocean near by is a HUGE resource because of all the seafood you can get fresh.
   When I went to L.A. I saw Justin Bieber! I went on a tour that taught me all about the city, stuff like the words Las Angeles are Spanish for the angels. Also that the population is about 3.8 million. I learned that there is a lot of tourism and I think that is because of all the famous sites.
   To end my trip to the west I went to Las Vegas. Las Vegas is the most popular city in Nevada. Did you know that Las Vegas became a city in 1911. I think that all of the gambling is good for the economy because people go there, spend money gambling and then go home.
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kathleen's Third Blog

 Hey Everyone!
   Here are some of the things I want to learn about while I'm in the west.   
I want to learn about the cowboys and the native americans who settled here. Also, I want to learn about the Oregon Trail.
   I've been wondering about the population back in the 1800s. What were the shelters like? If you one of the people that came to California during the gold rush exactly how much gold did you find and did you trade it.
   When I went to Yellowstone National Park I saw so many cool things. Beginning with seeing a mother black bear and her two cubs. I also saw the geyser Old Faithful. They call the geyser Old Faithful because it erupts every 35-120 minutes.
   I want to go to Yellowstone because it is really pretty there. Also I think I will go to Rocky Mountain National Park.
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Where I went

Today I went to  Fort Dearborn which is so cool.  Fort Dearborn was created it honor of Henry Dearborn. Fort Dearborn is in Chicago and was built in 1803. The site of Fort Dearborn is located on Wacker Drive and Michigan Avenue in Chicago.
   I also went to the Badlands. The Badlands are in southwestern South Dakota and northwestern Nebraska. They are made of sedimentary rocks, clay and rich soil eroded by wind and water.
   I also went to the Mississippi river which I think everyone should visit. The Mississippi river flows 2,340 miles. The Mississippi river borders 10 states.
   I went to Chicago for my major city. Chicago is a Native American word shikaakwa which translates to wild garlic or wild onion. Chicago was founded in 1833. Chicago has been called The Windy City, Second City and City of Big Shoulders. The worlds fair The Culumbian Exposition was held to celebrate the 400th anniversary  of Christopher Columbus's arrival in 1492.
   Mount Rushmore is a place I've wanted to go forever. The faces of the presidents on Mount Rushmore are George Washington, Tomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. Constructing the monument began in 1927 and ended in October 1941.
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kathleen's Blog

Hi everyone! For my road trip I hope to go to some really fun places. I want to go to The Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountain National Park and Balboa Park which is in California. I'm SO excited! Did you know that there is a such thing as a Pez mueseum  that is in Burlingame, California? Beleve it or not it's true.

The Midwest is such an place I have no clue where to start. The Great Chicago Fire(Chicago,Illinois 1871),The Dust Bowl( New York, Washington D.C.,Texas, Oklahoma,New Mexico, Colorado and Kansas1930-1940) and so many other cool events.The Midwest is famous for farming. I know that the Midwest is also known for the Big Ten. Along with the popular sports teams like the Bears, Soxs, Cubs,Packers and Bulls.

I'm wondering if there are any volcanoes in the Midwest. I'm also wondering if there have been any natural disasters in the Midwest. I want to learn more about the native americans that lived in the Midwest. I also want to know what the population was in the 1800s. Is any one else wondering these things?

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