Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kathleen's Third Blog

 Hey Everyone!
   Here are some of the things I want to learn about while I'm in the west.   
I want to learn about the cowboys and the native americans who settled here. Also, I want to learn about the Oregon Trail.
   I've been wondering about the population back in the 1800s. What were the shelters like? If you one of the people that came to California during the gold rush exactly how much gold did you find and did you trade it.
   When I went to Yellowstone National Park I saw so many cool things. Beginning with seeing a mother black bear and her two cubs. I also saw the geyser Old Faithful. They call the geyser Old Faithful because it erupts every 35-120 minutes.
   I want to go to Yellowstone because it is really pretty there. Also I think I will go to Rocky Mountain National Park.
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