Thursday, April 7, 2011

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Hi everyone! For my road trip I hope to go to some really fun places. I want to go to The Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountain National Park and Balboa Park which is in California. I'm SO excited! Did you know that there is a such thing as a Pez mueseum  that is in Burlingame, California? Beleve it or not it's true.

The Midwest is such an place I have no clue where to start. The Great Chicago Fire(Chicago,Illinois 1871),The Dust Bowl( New York, Washington D.C.,Texas, Oklahoma,New Mexico, Colorado and Kansas1930-1940) and so many other cool events.The Midwest is famous for farming. I know that the Midwest is also known for the Big Ten. Along with the popular sports teams like the Bears, Soxs, Cubs,Packers and Bulls.

I'm wondering if there are any volcanoes in the Midwest. I'm also wondering if there have been any natural disasters in the Midwest. I want to learn more about the native americans that lived in the Midwest. I also want to know what the population was in the 1800s. Is any one else wondering these things?

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  1. I'm also wandering if there are volcanoes in the Midwest! You did a great job! I know there are some Native Americans in the Midwest. You're a smart girl and I also want to go to the Grand Canyon!

    You're awesome,

  2. Nice Facts! This is really good. I would also like to go to these places!

    Good Job,

  3. How do you get all these facts? You had really good facts! :) Yay!!

  4. I really liked how you organized all your paragraphs neatly and written so many good facts!

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Wow! You did a fantastic job, Kathleen! Those places interest me, so I'd love going to those places too. I am wondering exactly what you are, and again, you did an excellent job! You're work is superb!


  6. Awesome job Kathleen. I like how you got all those facts and put them in your journal. I hope I'll meet you on my road trip too. -Joshua

  7. your blog is off the hook!
    and so are you.

  8. Awesome facts!Keep up the awesome work!


  9. great job kathleen yours was of the hook! keep making new blogs so I can read some more stuff.